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Help - Which version should I use?

jamina1 - 21 Sierpień 2008, 18:29
Temat postu: Which version should I use?
I'm a linux noob. I know command line a tiny bit, but mostly for Debian based systems.

So lets just say I'm a complete beginner.

I hear PLD Titanium is the way to go, but the Chroot installer looks really really complicated and scary. (I once tried compiling Gentoo from source and failed... miserably)

I see that I can use the first CD for PLD 2.0 installation -- but is that the same as Titanium?

I'm confused.

I have a computer with a P4, 256MB ram, and 40GB hdd I'd like to put linux on, and PLD is supposed to be super fast and efficient on old hardware.


KrystianT - 21 Sierpień 2008, 20:15

You can use PLD RescueCD ( ). It contain chrinst ( )
Probably if you boot from RescueCD you must only generate partition on your disk and
cd chrinst
vim chrinst.conf
That's insttal very simple set of pld packages, the rest you can later instal with poldek from your new pld :)

jamina1 - 21 Sierpień 2008, 20:19

I used the Titanium Chroot install instructions.

Took a bit to get Poldek working properly (plus configuring the internet - oy)

but its installing Gnome at the moment. We'll see how it goes!

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